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Mold Abatement and Remediation

Your home or business can become a victim of mold with the addition of a basic water or moisture source like a roof leak or a toilet flange leak in your bathroom. In fact, high humidity inside a building can create and promote continued mold growth throughout the building on all surfaces. In as little as 48-hours, mold can infest a house or business and health effects can include breathing issues as well as death in extreme situations due to the allergens and irritants that mold produces. If you have or event suspect you may have a mold infestation problem, Holm Construction is the solution to your problem. We can respond quickly and are certified and equipped to locate and repair the moisture intrusion, professionally dry the effected materials (sheetrock, wood studs, carpet, etc.), remove any existing mold, clean the air and customize a long term plan if necessary to ensure your home or business is mold free

Abatement vs. Remediation

Mold exists naturally everywhere both inside and outside of buildings. There are unsafe and unhealthy levels of mold but there are natural or normal levels of mold in the environment as well. Abatement services focuses on professionally and safely removing the existing mold and making the necessary repairs to the water source and restore the affected areas. Remediation services focuses on an overall process or system to manage the environment after the Abatement Service is performed to ensure normal levels of mold and healthy breathing air for the future. It is impossible to get rid of ALL mold spores due to the fact that it exists in nature, but Holm has the expertise, training and certification to effectively manage any mold issues based on the following process:

Step 1: Inspect and Assess mold damage and levels
Step 2: Mold Containment
Step 3: Air Filtration and Drying Affected Areas
Step 4: Remove Mold and Mold Covered Materials
Step 5: Clean Contents of the Building and Other Interior Surfaces
Step 6: Restore the Affected Areas

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