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Asbestos Abatement

Holm Construction is an OSHA & EPA Compliant contractor and offers a full asbestos abatement program to fit the needs of each project. Asbestos has been used in the construction industry for decades can be found in shingles and siding on homes, pipe insulation and flooring in buildings and homes, insulation in the walls, floors and crawl spaces in buildings as well as in floor tile found primarily in older commercial buildings and homes. Holm is experienced in both institutional asbestos abatement as well as residential abetment. No matter how small or big your need may be, Holm has the right tools, people and qualifications to efficiently and effectively manage your asbestos project.

Types of Asbestos


About 90% of all asbestos used commercially and mainly in the construction industry worldwide is chrysotile. Although some experts in the asbestos industry have argued that it isn’t as toxic as other types of asbestos, scientific studies confirm that it is just as deadly and hazardous to human health.


Most commonly used in construction products, it is considered to be more toxic than Chrysotile.


Although less commonly used than any other types in the construction industry, Crocidolite is considered to be the most harmful asbestos type to humans.


This asbestos was famous for contaminating a large vermiculite mine and the vermiculite that was mined was installed in businesses as insulation in concrete block walls as well as in homes as attic insulation


The most uncommon type of asbestos found in the construction industry and was mainly used in Europe.


Commonly mixed with vermiculite and used as block insulation it has also been found in construction materials such as drywall, paint and gypsum mud.
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